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Unlock Your Creativity Course

12-week course based on the international bestseller, “The Artist’s Way”

This powerful course challenges you to live your life creatively and to be true to your creativity whatever form it takes.

Do you deny, minimise or ignore your creativity?  Instead why not use it to energise your entire life!

The premise of this course is that we are all innately creative; it is simply a matter of taking time to uncover, nurture and express that creativity.  For the individual, self-fulfilment depends on the conscious expression of your creativity.

This course encourages you to connect to what energises you and makes you feel alive and to what interests and excites you.

Apply your creativity to all areas of your life, enhance the quality of your life and live life to the full!

The two things I had wanted more than anything was to be an artist and to work with people, as a counsellor or therapist. I had heard of Art Therapy and it was like a distant dream. Then I stumbled across The Artist’s Way. I knew that first night I was in the right place. I did my morning pages, artist’s dates and the few weekly exercises and really enjoyed them. More than anything I found myself having fun again. It changes your whole thought process. I realised I could do whatever I wanted to do. I applied for the Masters in Art Therapy and got it. In just a couple of years I’ve started working with intellectual disability, I’ve hung my own art exhibition and I’m an Art Therapist, my distant dream career. A friend once asked me “Can you call yourself an artist when you’ve sold a painting?” If this answer is yes then I guess I can call myself an artist now, and it’s thanks to this course.

Michelle Gunning


Next course commencing in February 2020

Join us on an exciting journey of self-discovery in a relaxed and fun environment

We will enthusiastically support you to activate your innate creative potential

Bring your brain on an adventure

Wake up your imagination

Celebrate and enjoy your hidden talents and neglected passions

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