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Karen Molan, Skills Quest Company

Neuro Linguistic Programming


NLP Practitioner Course

A 12-day course delivered over four 3-day weekends

Learn how to improve your language/communication skills.

Release old limiting beliefs and build your self confidence.

Learn useful techniques for negotiating, planning and creating achievable goals.

Use those goals to advance your finances, career and relationships in life.

Learn to create and deepen relationships using rapport skills.

Create a plan for your future.

Stop putting false limits on your life.


This course has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Cost €1200

For more information contact Karen directly on karen@skillsquestcompany.com

A person attending one of Karen’s training courses is in for a treat! Her in-depth training is delivered in a fun and lively atmosphere. Go do it now!

John LaValle

President of The Society of NLP, Co-author of Persuasion Engineering® with Richard Bandler

Karen, thanks so much for your expertise and enthusiasm. Your no-nonsense, down to earth, fun and compassionate approach is a breath of fresh air. You make the concepts easy to understand and implement in every day life and also easy to explain to other people. Having just done the introductory workshops so far, the impact on my professional and personal life is already showing for the better. I am really looking forward to continuing with NLP and I thank you with all my heart.

Bridget Dillon

Adult Guidance Counselor/Mediator, Limerick

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