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Neuro Linguistic Programming


Getting the Edge on Your Negotiations

Two-Day Intensive Workshop

Have you ever ended up knowing .. if only you had that extra something! You COULD get,

That pay raise!

That contract signed!

The teenager home on time!

That badly needed time off!

And all the rest, that you have been promising yourself!

Every day we are negotiating. From the moment we are born we are negotiating with ourselves and the world around us. Imagine improving your natural ability to negotiate so that you get what you want more often!

This workshop incorporates the latest NLP techniques.

Dates for next workshop to be announced

I have attended several of Karen’s courses and I am always amazed at how she is always able to pinpoint the areas that people need to work on and then helps them to achieve where it is they want to be. I think that Karen is an amazing gift to any of us lucky enough to have crossed her path.

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