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Neuro Linguistic Programming

In all the years that I’ve been using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I am still constantly finding myself amazed at how quickly and effortlessly people can make fast and lasting changes to their lives.

I work with people to help them remove the blocks that stop them becoming successful. I’m an NLP consultant and trainer and I also combine Adlerian psychology, TFT and a few other modalities in my work. Combining these modalities allows my clients have major transformations in their lives.

Join my FB group here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/unlockingsecretsofsuccess. I will be sharing with you the reasons why we have those blocks, where they come from and why you need to get rid of them to reach your full success potential.

NLP gives you the control over your brain. So any choices you make are choices you really want to make. Adlerian Psychology is a psychology of movement. No navel gazing but instead an understanding of your own emotions and personality. No longer are you held back by anxiety or old limiting beliefs  running through your mind. You remove the blocks to  become free to choose your destination.

While this work is serious and transformative, I aim to make it as enjoyable for people as possible. So expect lots of laughing while you change!

Karen Molan


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Most people don’t realise that there are unconscious blocks that hold them back. You hesitate before you put yourself out on a stage or give a presentation, before you ask for the pay rise that you know you deserve, before you tender for that contract you want. Most people don’t know why this happens, some valiantly try to push through that feeling or some give up.

 In all probability there is a message going off in your unconscious that tells you that you to stop and causes you to hesitate, to water down your desires. This incongruity between your desire to have a great life/business and your unconscious message is what makes you hesitate. It’s like knowing you prefer chocolate ice cream, yet you keep ordering strawberry ice cream. It’s ice cream, it’s delicious, yet it’s not what you really wanted, but because it’s close to what you want, you settle for it.

If you recognise yourself, if it sounds somewhat familiar and you would like to make a change, then contact me and lets get rid of those blocks. Life is way to short to not order the ice cream you like!

Why Learn NLP?

Are you sick of having no confidence? Constantly tripping yourself by not believing in yourself? Then it’s time to change!

Are you a therapist or life/business coach that would like more skills to use with your clients?

Do you run a business and need to be able to make more sales?

Do you work on commission and need to close the deal?


Then you need to learn NLP!!

For me NLP is all about getting the best out of yourself. Knowing that the limits you put on yourself are just limits you created, and therefore they can be removed!

It’s a set of tools and skills that you can use for yourself and others.

Learn language skills that will help to open doors to new business and personal opportunities.

Seal the deal in business and life!

NLP for Individuals

  • Have better relationships.
  • Improve your communication.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs from your past.
  • Set your future in the direction you want to go.
  • Get motivated and stay motivated.
  • Learn to relax fully to restore your mind and body.

NLP for Counsellors

  • Learn how to establish rapport with your clients in a way that builds trust faster.
  • Learn to ask questions in ways that bring your clients from surface structure to deeper structure, to the real issue that needs to be dealt with.
  • Help clients to release limiting beliefs and to understand who they are and what it is they truly want from life.
  • Help your clients get motivated and how to stay motivated.
  • Learn hypnosis.

NLP for Business

  • Team building.
  • Improve Sales/Call Centre teams’ communication styles.
  • Set realistic goals for teams.
  • Release limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back from achieving your company’s targets.
  • Develop a negotiation style that works for you.
  • Problem solving.
  • Presentations with ease.

NLP Practitioner Course

  • Learn how to improve your language/communication skills.
  • Release old limiting beliefs and build your self confidence.
  • Learn useful techniques for negotiating, planning and creating achievable goals.
  • Use those goals to advance your finances, career and relationships in life.
  • Learn to create and deepen relationships using rapport skills.
  • Create a plan for your future.
  • Stop putting false limits on your life.

NLP Master Practitioner Course

  • Advance your NLP Skills and build more knowledge in the area of Language skills and the art of Persuasion.
  • Motivation skills that keep you focused on what you want to achieve.
  • Understanding your core values and how to recognise them in others.
  • Resolving conflicts.
  • Negotiating with yourself and others to achieve goals.

Unlock Your Creativity Course

  • Activate your innate creative potential.
  • Wake up your imagination.
  • Celebrate your hidden talents.
  • Connect to what energises you and makes you feel alive.

Getting the Edge on Your Negotiations

  • Get that pay raise!
  • Get that contract signed!
  • Get that teenager home on time!
  • Get that badly needed time off!
  • Get all the rest that you have been promising yourself!

Your Health and How to Improve It

  • Explore your beliefs and attitudes to health.
  • Discover awareness and understanding of your health.
  • Learn some simple steps that will allow you to improve your health.
  • Gain extra resources to help you to become healthier.

What clients have to say…

Karen is a trainer who inspires you to become the best you can be and she makes an amazing difference in the lives of all the people she works with.

Sue Atkins
Parent Coach, Author of Raising Happy Children for Dummies

Karen is patient, and encouraging It’s refreshing to learn from someone who has a passion for what she does, she makes learning fun, and easy for anyone.

Christine Heffernan
Co. Cork

A person attending one of Karen’s training courses is in for a treat! Her in-depth training is delivered in a fun and lively atmosphere. Go do it now!

John LaValle
President of The Society of NLP, Co-author of Persuasion Engineering® with Richard Bandler

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